Week 1: Rai Italia and Gojira (1954)

First week of University for the semester and l was absent. Instead, l was finishing my five week trip to Europe, where l was immersed in various cultures. It’s ironic that my first blog post for the semester is based on culture. My cultural background is Italian and Australian. l was born in Australia, however, my nationality is Italian, as both my grandparents were born in Italy. I was lucky enough to visit Italy on my trip. When reading the brief for the first blog post as part of my Digital Asia subject, l immediately reminisced about my childhood and growing up in an Italian family.

As a kid my favourite films were the iconic Disney/Pixar films such as Monsters Inc. and Toy Story. Even now my go to TV shows are the mainstream favourites, such as, Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl and Friends. Growing up with…

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