Mathew Broderick > Bryan Cranston

Connor McKechnie

My first introduction to (film franchise) Godzilla was the critically average 1998 Godzilla movie with Mathew Broderick …and I loved it. Let it be known it did not age well amongst the countless other variations more recently released.

Before I watched Gojira I was aware of black and white films but had never gone out of my way to watch one. Don’t get me wrong I love movies in general but I never had that passion to watch one that was black and white and in another language.

language is never an issue, nothing ever stopped me from enjoying something whether it was dubbed or needed subtitles. Having watched most of Bruce Lee’s (although short) discography meant having to listen to very delayed dubs (in English) and missing a great detail and timing of actors, so I opted for subtitles.

Language has a huge impact on how we view things…

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