New meanings to Old stories

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Throughout my life i’ve always been aware of other cultures presence having family friends, relatives and even some of my siblings friends who are from other cultural backgrounds. My cultural background is pretty much “Australian” with some “asian” influence having a grandma who is half Indonesian. To me, having having some kind of cultural connection is a bonus and adds to the quality of my life. Cultural connection allows me to better appreciate, understand, empathise and belong to a culture through events and celebrations, family stories, and the authentic food and recipes.

During this weeks seminar I was introduced to the world of Twitter. While watching the 1954 Japanese ‘Gojira’ film for the first time, I felt a sense of nostalgia as i’d always known of this monster and even seen some remakes. Now that i’m thinking about it, i’ve never given Gojira/Godzilla much thought and always automatically classed these films…

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