Gojira (1954)

Headfirst into UOW

My father is from a town called Catania on the east coast of Sicily, and my mother is as Australian as they come – born and bred in country New South Wales. This meant that I never really had any Asian media influence growing up apart from watching Digimonand Yu Gi Oh! with my twin brother each morning on Toasted TV. It is also safe to say that the closest thing I ever saw that resembled Godzilla was Reptar from the Rugrats.

Reptar Reptar. Source.

As far as live-tweeting goes? I’m a little unashamed to say I’ve live-tweeted an episode or two of The Bachelorin my time. Unfortunately, I was absent during the first class when Gojirawas screened due to travelling so I was not able to live-tweet, however I made sure to catch up on the film over the weekend once home. I…

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  1. I completely forgot that Rugrats had Reptar, and I was obsessed with it as a kid! Thanks for reminding me, especially how in Paris (I think?) they even make a mini toy one or something… anyway. Toasted TV really had great programming, but also the shows you mentioned are dubbed from the original Japanese shows, but heavily Americanised, of course.

    It’s a shame you missed out on the screening, I had never live-tweeted in class before but it’s good to hear that you have some experience with it. You also have the real-life experience of visiting a WW2 hospital, so you engaged with the themes that we all agreed on were evident in the film.

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