BCM320 – Live Tweeting Reflection -Blog Post 1


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This first week of Live tweeting in BCM320 and the weeks to come for that matter, was exciting, challenging and engaging. Even in BCM325 I always enjoyed the Live tweeting aspect of watching films as it gives us the opportunity to engage with the films in a new way not so much focusing on the cinematography of films, although in many cases this is the most enjoyable aspect, but engaging more with understanding and researching the concepts behind the film. By forcing yourself to create insightful tweets about the film we are able to get an appreciative knowledge of the concept behind why film makers do what they do, which in turn lets us see the film in a completely new light.  The film presented was Gojira/ Godzilla a 1954 film Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, being a subtitled film created some interesting barriers for me as I’ve never watched a…

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  1. I think one of the beautiful things of subtitles is the ability to interpret the information given to you in your own unique way, whilst still experiencing the content to the fullest extent. This is why I have always enjoyed watching subtitles instead of voice dubbed movies and anime, there is always something off about the dubbing, from the translations and accents, to just how they seem to never get the full message across- most of the time turning themselves into memes.
    Subtitles although simple, have a way of really unifying people and bringing cultures together.

    But maaaaaan this has been my first time live tweeting and adding subtitles into the mix sure makes it one hell of a challenge to keep up.
    Practise makes perfect, hopefully.


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