Gojira (Godzilla)

Natasha West

During the first seminar of the semester for BCM320, we discussed the concept of auto-ethnography and were required to live tweet during a screening of the 1954 Japanese classic GojiraI will admit, watching a movie while trying to read subtitles and live tweeting all at the same time was a lot harder than I expected. However, the black and white classic film itself was an interesting experience that I enjoyed.

I have never seen Godzilla, or any adaptions of the film, so watching Gojira was a new experience for me, I even did some googling to understand more of the plot, this lead me to find an interesting fact on how Godzilla’s roar was created, it was not done by using animal noises but was created by music composer Akira Ifukube, by taking a string off of his contrabass and rubbing it with gloves soaked in pine tar. The…

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One comment

  1. Hi Natasha!

    Through your blog post ‘Gojira’ you have shown excellent research skills in discovering some interesting facts about the film you watched. You effectively compared the film to an already existing and quite popular film. You created contrast and got the audience thinking, which I enjoyed reading. When reading your blog, it was interesting to discover your personal background and the link you found between your life and the film. It’s very impressive to discover that you were introduced to a culture, which you were not personally apart of. However, given that you were living in Singapore you had to adapt to and learn about the culture. This is a very professionally written and well thought through blog post. You have also effectively incorporated hyperlinks, very nice. I look forward to reading the blog posts that are yet to come.

    Dejana x


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