Week 1: Gojira (1954) – Cultural and Personal Framework

No Frills Neil

This week of Digital Asia, we screened the classic 1954 film ‘Gojira’, I exemplified my interaction and immersion of the film through live-tweeting, which is a means I have encountered before in BCM325. Although I have already experienced live-tweeting, I would definitely say I did struggle in both tweeting and understanding the film at the same time.

As a full Filipino-Australian, my experience with Asian media can be attributed from early childhood, from listening to Kpop, to watching Anime and Asian dramas and comedies. I would definitely say I am a fan of Asian media and culture, specifically mainstream Korean and Japanese media – music and films. However my knowledge of Asian war history is quite deplorable to say the least. So when we screened the film Gojira (1954) I was definitely excited, yet nervous as to how I could approach and tweet about the film. Although never have I ever…

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