BCM320 – Gojira (1954) – Response

Eliza Appel

Our first week back for the semester and a classic pop culture phenomenon to get us started! I have no personal experience with the Gojira (or Godzilla) franchise. I’d not seen any of the films, any adaptations or representations, however the icon and the story was well known to me. The power of pop culture!

Gojira (1954) directed by Ishirō Honda is a science fiction cult classic from Japan. The original version in all its black and white, subtitled version! Live tweeting is always a struggle with films you haven’t seen before as you are often trying to grasp the main elements of what you are watching whilst also being involved in the online discussion! I always prefer a subtitled version of a foreign show or film however, even if some things can be lost in the translation. I believe it seems more natural and more authentic as a viewer…

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One comment

  1. You think the special effects seem comical?
    Now admittedly a full human person wearing what is likely a sweaty dinosaur suit in shallow water might seem hilarious in physicality this is a terrifying monster!
    I certainly agree with what you’ve said in regards to it be surprising not just a hero monster story, with what we’ve come to expect of mainstream blockbusters like king kong and the avengers it’s interesting to see godzilla as a piece of symbolism for weapons of mass destruction.


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