BCM320 “Godzilla”

Rachelle Esaid

Week One/ Thursday 12:30 class. 26/7

Cultural background.

My cultural background is Middle Eastern, Palestinian. My parents came from areas of Palestine and Israel, I was born here, there isn’t much relation to Asian media through this culture. My only real interaction was from a young age I played a lot Japanese rpgs or games in general developed/made in Japan. Examples; Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy series, Devil May Cry, etc.


I am new to the whole BCM course so the idea of live-tweeting, especially a movie like Godzilla which is a black and white film and is subtitled, seemed interesting but, actually doing it was pretty difficult. I was lucky to actually do this at home, so I could pause when I wanted to tweet at certain times, so next week for class will be much harder.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Godzilla, I watched…

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