thoughts upon viewing godzilla, and kawakita mayuko

digital asia by declan

yesterday was my first ever experience live tweeting. it was a tough ride trying to keep up with the film, my own tweets and the tweets of everyone else in the class. i didn’t know where to look at what time, and to be honest there was a considerable amount of pressure to get a funny tweet out before someone else did. i guess everyone else in the class has been in a bcm subject before, and so has kinda got the hang of live-tweeting but i was a serious beginner. that being said, i’m not a total twitter beginner. even though i’d never lived tweeted before i actually use twitter every day. except the only difference is i use twitter in japanese.

the first tweet reads: “i haven’t shaved my face for two days, but my electric shaver just broke which means tomorrow will the first time in my…

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