The original symbol of Godzilla

Ray Nguyen

In week 1 of live tweeting, we explored an old Japanese black and white action film, Gojira (1954). As a big fan of Godzilla films made by Hollywood, I was surprised to know that this Japanese film was the very first one, or should I say, the original ‘Godzilla” film in this franchise. The main story of the film is about an enormous monster infected by nuclear radiation known as Godzilla.

Godzilla is one of the most recognisable symbols of Japanese popular culture worldwide and remains an important facet of Japanese films. This is the first time I have ever experienced live tweeting and I find it interesting to do that during the film as it makes it easy for me to interact with other classmates about the film.

One thing I find it hard to keep up with this film is the language barrier. I realised that it was not just me who…

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