Reflections on Godzilla

homebrew drafts.

In 2013, I had the pleasure of taking part in a high school homestay trip to Japan. Whilst the entire experience was something I’ll never forget, one part always sticks out for me, although not because it wasn’t enjoyable.

The experience I’m referring to was a day trip to Hiroshima. I’ll give you three guesses as to what we spent the day doing.

I was one of the few students who didn’t cry on whilst at the Hiroshima Peace Park. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen war sites and monuments commemorating mass atrocity before – my parents had taken me to Ypres, scarcely an hour away from Antwerp, the Belgian city where the bulk of my mother’s family hails from, just the previous year. So when it comes to non-English films such as Honda’s 1954 Gojira, I’m fairly comfortable. As well as this, I studied Japanese at seven years…

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