Introduction to Autoethnography: Screening of Gojira (1954)


Seminar 1 of Digital Asia, and I was introduced to a new perceptive approach to research and writing known as autoethnography. This form of qualitative research “seeks to describe and systematically analyze (graphy) personal experience (auto) in order to understand cultural experience (ethno)”, as explained by Ellis (et al, 2011).

A screening of the (1954) Japanese film Gojira or (Godzilla) was the first case study to put this tool into practice.

My familiarity with Asian media and culture is at bare minimum going into this subject. To put things into perceptive , I thought Godzilla and King Kong were one of the same (technically I was correct) , as you can imagine to my surprise Godzilla is in fact an enormous nuclear mutated dinosaur.

pic 1 official

Live tweeting about the Gojira was encouraged and the result was a huge learning experience, pushing my abilities of multitasking to the max…

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