Gojira, live tweeting and autoethnography…BCM320 Week 1.

Emily Bowen

220px-Gojira_1954_Japanese_poster(Gojira 1954)

Our first Digital Asia seminar of the semester introduced me to the concept of auto -ethnography (an approach to research and writing which draws on personal experience to understand cultural experience), it also was my first experience live tweeting which made me realise not only my tendency to use humour in light of uncomfortable and serious situations but also that the Japanese film makers of the 1950’s were masters of symbolism in their emphasis on the impact of atomic and nuclear weapons.

As a Caucasian Australian I have been brought in a household which is not religious by any stretch of the imagination and have only practiced ‘traditions’ within my family and friend groups. My parents are both very open minded people so I never grew up around racism or any other kinds of discrimination and have made the most of growing up in a multicultural country like…

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