Gojira – A fictional film with historical truth

** Warning spoilers

I grew up in a boisterous household. Unlike most Australian families, I grew up living in a house with my parents, two brothers, two uncle, an aunt, three cousins and my grandparents. We weren’t your typical next door neighbors. We were the loud, obnoxious Vietnamese family that lived right down the street. The former refugees that owned the Chinese takeout shop in the middle of town, and who you’d most likely find at church every Sunday.

Ethnically, I’m Vietnamese, but my nationality is Australian. As a child, I enjoyed an upbringing mixed with a western lifestyle heavily influenced by my South-East Asian heritage. For myself, my Asian background has always played a significant part in forming who I am today. It has influenced the way I act, my relationship with others, my interests and inevitably everything that makes up me. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 2.53.55 PM Me (light pink)…

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