Gojira 1954: Behind the Kaiju


There is a saying by the infamous Roger Ebert that keeps flashing through my mind in every film screening:

Art is the closest we can come to understanding how a stranger really feels


I’ve always carried an absolute belief that art captures history, appreciating art allows humans to depart from their temporal presence. For a person whose childhood resided with binge-watching Doraemon, I thank art for realising the insane time-travel dream without tucking myself in the drawer.

And because of that, watching Gojira has been quite an experience for many reasons. Never have I been a hardcore fan of Godzilla nor a fan of monster movies in general. I grew up watching tons of Super Sentai episodes and I pride myself in having a tape collection of it. Then I spent my teenage life going crazy about Western pop culture. Thus on making sense of Gojira, a part of me…

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