Godzilla: Not just a giant lizard

Abby Poposki

BCM320’s first class was definitely something I was not prepared for, in the best way possible. Live-tweeting was not easy, due to flicking between reading the subtitles, trying to tweet the wittiest comment, while also missing some important dialogue. I thought I had missed the important fishtank scene between Emiko and Seriwaza because I was busy tweeting, luckily however it wasn’t revealed until the latter part of the film what had distressed Emiko so much.

Prior to watching Gojira (1954) in all its black and white, subtitled glory, I had never seen any of the franchise, so I feel my experience was heightened by the fact I was watching the original film. Viewing the film reminded me of my appreciation for other cultures, particularly their folklore and mythology.

Cultural Studies was a compulsory unit at my primary school, and I was fascinated by cultural differences and beliefs. Although, my knowledge of…

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