Digital Asia: Gojira Live-Tweeting

Jack Polglase

Well, the first seminar for BCM320 Digital Asia was honestly one of the most interesting and funnest classes I think I’ve ever been to, especially for a first class, which are typically too administrative and content-lite. However, we were introduced to an important concept that will carry on for the rest of the semester: autoethnography. From Angus’, Chris’ explanation and the reading, the screening of Gojira and the live-tweeting was an important experience to be immersed in for the first seminar.

Prior to the screening, I thought about how I enjoyed the 2014 Godzilla (despite it being pretty average) and had vague memories of the 1998 Godzilla (I do not think I have seen it, maybe just advertisements or snippets from when it has been on television). I did not think about how I would react to the true original, black and white, Japanese subtitled 1954 Gojira. Through the…

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