BCM320 Gojira and Livetweeting


This week in class I experienced my first time live tweeting, while I consider myself somewhat of an experienced user of social media while working on my own personal endeavours in both YouTube and business I think I’ve got some insight on the kind of quirky intelligent post that draws interest.

While I’m of the opinion that meme culture is a necessary evil within the space of live tweeting it felt from that experience that the idea of using a meme for live tweeting was oversaturating the space and instead of participating in an intelligent discussion about the film much of the live tweeting content was simple or dated memes or pop culture references which are relatively relatable to Godzilla. While I also participated in this format of ‘meme tweeting’ I felt like the medium of twitter doesn’t exactly allow for intelligent posts to even be created entertainment driven notion…

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  1. Hey man, really love your thoughts on live tweeting! This is the second subject I’ve live tweeted for so I’ve got a bit of experience, but I totally agree with a lot you are saying. Particularly having to be very quick with tweeting in order to comment on the moment, its definitely a skill and I’ve found in the past that sometimes having some drafted tweets is actually a lifesaver! Other times you just need to be short and sweet and just tweet without adding memes or gifs or further references! Its definitely and interesting and trickier platform of interaction but I’ve had a lot of fun with it and am keen for some more!!!

    I’ve also never seen Jaws (I know, I’m sorry!) but I think your comparison is interesting, “the monster” from the ocean!


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