BCM320 – Godzilla Film

ray of sunshine


To set the scene I openly admit I only just realized Gojira would be Japanese for Godzilla. This is the beginning of my knowledge surrounding the film. This film was also my first viewing of a black and white film, thus the special effects, though cutting edge for their time, had me having a bit of giggle.

For me, I have grown up in Australia. I was born and raised her. But I am the first generation of Australian within my family tree. My family is born and raised in Ireland, So this viewing of Godzilla was my first real interaction with any Japanese film, especially within this genre and honestly, it won’t be my last. The in-depth analysis learned through the live-tweets gave me insight into a film I would have never deep dived. After the Hiroshima & Nagasaki atomic bombs the Japanese government banned films about the incident…

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