BCM320: Blog Post 1


The first seminar of BCM320: Digital Asia brought a screening and live tweeting of the film Godzilla (Not the 2014 film and NOT the 1998 disaster). We viewed the 1954 Japanese film which was black and white.

I was very aware of just how dated the film is, and the capabilities of effects from this time period, which was no CGI, meaning it was all practical. But being born in the 90’s, and being exposed to heavily CGI and effects driven films my whole life, watching Godzilla 1954 was certainly an experience. When I moved to Australia when I was a kid, all I could speak was Filipino and didn’t know a word of English. A really cool method my parents did to somewhat teach me to understand english is to get me to watch movies. By the time I was 6 years old I probably had watched 3 times…

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