Autoethnography & Gojira


I would say that growing up I was always sheltered from the big scary news events, disasters and historical moments. I never knew that 9/11 occurred until I watched the 2004 Disney film Tiger Cruise. I didn’t know anything about the Holocaust until I saw the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, nor did I know much about the war at all.

It wasn’t until Japanese class in Year 9 at high school that I learnt about the Hiroshima Nuclear Attack. Survivor, Junko Morimoto visited our school to talk about her experience and it was something which stayed with me forever. I read so many Wikipedia articles and watched so many documentaries on the attack.

When we sat down in BCM320 to watch the 1954 black and white Japanese film Gojira I thought I knew what to expect. Great, another trashy, unrealistic action film with a larger than life…

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