01/ That scary dinosaur movie

Emily G.

I loved Jurassic World so surely I would like Godzilla (Gorija, 1954).


My first class this semester introduced me to autoethnographic, a method (from my belief) that is used to describe the way we interpret and critique from our own personal experiences and framework to analyse from our viewpoints. It uses reflexivity to make us think and self-reflect on our work.

Oh boy was this lesson all about multi-tasking. We were screened the original Godzilla film, in which we also had to live tweet our thoughts whilst trying to keep up with this black & white movie with subtitles. This was a whole new experience for me which I found was a fun and unique way to share and have a look at everyone’s own references and thoughts through their own perspective.

Having not so much of a religious upbringing, and shamefully not being that knowledgeable with my history…

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