Introversion in Asia

The Night Thinker

Asian people are generally considered as timid and shy in Western culture. In American culture, there’s a general idea that an innie must be a geek or a nerd. But as an Asian, I know that Asian are much more open than people may think. So I looked into it in three regions: South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

South Asia

  • Is very extrovert oriented, though we couldn’t explain why.
  • Gender discrimination makes boys are expected to be more extraverted.
  • You’re more likely to be seen as a failure if you’re  quiet guy.
  • It’s becoming more balanced.

East Asia

  • Japan
    Japan is a country of quiet people.
  • Korea
    Gathering up, drinking a lot, having lots of drunk talk, then going to another place to drink some more and then going to Noraebang (Korean version of karaoke) and singing their asses off is how a typical Korean having fun on…

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