Everything Asia: E-sports athletes

Coffeehouse conversations.

In my experience, as a middle-class Anglo boy from Australia sport was important, consisting of soccer, AFL with a sprinkling of cricket. As a viewer, I spent entire weekends absorbed with the games for that round, hoping for my teams to get the win. As a participant; I began playing soccer 15 years ago, when I was 6; the thrill of practicing my skills throughout the week to put all together on Saturday morning when it counted – the wins were sheer elation, the losses were painful and sometimes they would ruin my weekend, however I became self-aware reasonably young and understood I was not an exceptional talent. This was frustrating at first, however I had that much more respect for my peers I could see working their way up to the top, while myself; still enjoy playing and watching soccer.

As my childhood began to wind it’s way into…

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