Youth suicide in South Korea: An auto-ethnography

Coffeehouse conversations.

September 14th – R U OK? day in my home country of Australia, a day created to bring awareness to those suffering with Mental illness. The nature of mental illness means that it is invisible in most cases, this organisation attempts to ask the question; Are you okay? in an effort to bring the intangible into light, to truly uncover the mental state of their loved ones and ultimately reduce the rate of self harm and suicide. The following infographic displays the mental health data from epidemiological study of New South Wales, Australia and how this translates into an economical burden.

The last point made in this graphic reaches me on a deeper level;

However, data measuring young men’s access to mental health care reveals that only 13% received any care for their mental illness.

I have seen this issue first hand, in myself and others as a young man suffering…

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