Asian Food and Me (They haven’t really mixed)

Who, Me?

My girlfriend calls me picky. I like to think that I just like what food I like. Apparently that’s picky.
I’m not a huge fan of onions, rice, chilli, curries (yes that’s apparently a lot of things), capsicum, celery, coriander, tofu, soup/stews (another big one, but I just don’t want my dinner to be wet), and I’m lactose intolerant. On top of that, I’m not really one to cook either. I can put together a mean slice of toast, or make a salad (if it’s already in a bag), but that’s about it. This leads to issues when we’re trying to decide what we should do for dinner.

I started this subject not exactly knowing what it was about, and as it progressed I realised that that seems to be a core aspect of this subject. Apparently, for me, this subject has become about food. While I am a fan of sushi (or sashimi. To be honest I’m not sure which is which), I tend to steer clear of Asian dishes. I can’t tell you the difference between a pad Thai, a stir fry, a jungle curry, or anything like that. I just stay away. This is starkly contrasted by my family, who love Asian food.

The Plan

But no more! I plan to change two things.

  1. I want to learn how to cook. Not just Asian food, but I figure, for this subject, that’s a good start.
  2. I want to be less picky about what food I consume based on taste preference.

So the best way to do this would probably be to look up the recipes, and start simple. Just make a small dish in the comfort of my home. That would be the best and easiest way, but that’s not how I want to do it.
I plan to start with some classic recipes and film it. Livestream it even, if I have the capabilities. I’m lucky that my family enjoy Asian food, as sourcing a lot of ingredients shouldn’t prove to challenging.

A friend of mine wants to do a similar thing (learn to cook), and so I’m planning on making it a bit of a competition, something like Iron Chef. Side note: Iron Chef may be, currently, my only known source of Asian food shows. There’s an interesting quote apparently at the start of Iron Chef; A title card, with a quote from famed French food author Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin first appears: “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you what you are.” I think this is a pretty good philosophy to adopt going forward for my research plan, regardless of whether I chose to film or livestream.

I am aware of the growing attraction to livestreaming everyday activities, like playing games, or less commonly watching movies/shows (akin to Gogglebox), or eating food at degustation parties as part of so-called “Social Easting”. In China, Kuaishou is one such video sharing and live streaming service which has gained popularity.
My current personal experience with livestreaming comes from TwitchPlaysPokemon and very occasionally watching Youtubers I like play on Twitch, so I’m also not very in the know about this aspect either.

The More We Know published a short video looking into the phenomena of people eating online, and it’s interesting to note that they believe the reason this is so popular in Asian cultures is because of loneliness, and people not wanting to awkwardly eat alone.

All in all, this experience is going to be quite fresh for me, and as such I expect that there will be plenty of hiccups along the way, but I’m going to try to minimise this with more research to come.


The More We Know, (2014) ‘New South Korean Fad: Watch People Eat A LOT Online’, Youtube Video:

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