Chinese TV show and my own autoethnographic view.

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In my previous blog, I have written about Chinese TV show: Happy Camp and my first impressions about the show. Today I am going to step aside and analyse my own experience while watching the show.

Firstly, the most highlighting part in the show is the masculinity – feminist. As I have discussed in the previous part, whenever they play games and need to divide teams, there are hardly a situation that one team has more female members than others. Moreover, while playing games using strength, the male guests often offer to use one hand if possible. It shows the value of gentle towards female but in other hand, it is discrimination to think they can’t do it as they are female. It even becomes more highlighted when a female is stronger or tougher than they are supposed to be and be called ‘Nǚ hànzi’ (女汉子) which means a very tough girl. In one of the researches I found online, hànzi indicates a strong and masculine man, so when a girl is called Nǚ hànzi, it shows that they are a very independent, decisive and strong girl (Dung Ca Xinh 2014). It has a really good meaning but besides that, I found a very strong discrimination as when you use this word, you are assuming that only guys can be tough, independent and strong.

Secondly, every MC remains their roles/ positions while playing games. As I have mentioned in my previous blog, each MCs has their own characters and supposedly remains the same character under all types of situations. For example, Du Haitao, one of the male MCs, always represents of a young, simple- minded man and black hole of a game. But, as I have watched the show for more than 4 years, unlike the ‘simple’ appearance, Haitao is actually a pretty smart, funny and thoughtful guy. He is now considered one of the most popular host in HNTV, the owner of a good restaurant and has casted in quite a number of movies and dramas (Wikipedia, Du Haitao).

Photo for blog 7

Thirdly, the show is mainly to promote the new upcoming movie or drama in Hunan Broadcasting TV. But, they always invite the most popular actors/ actresses of the time to boost up the viewer rate. Here are names of a few.Photo for blog 7.1

Song Joong-ki (South Korean actor: 4th from the left)….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..3.6.1461…0j0i67k1.tJPovtx_QXs#imgrc=-rFLcNJ7NKBWGM:

Photo for blog 7.2

From left to right: Weijia (MC), Nicky Wu (Mainland Chinese legend), William Chan (Chinese dancer, singer, actor), Zhao Li ying (one of 4 new beauties of China), Xie Na (MC)…27124.30952.0.31101.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..6.10.1950…0j0i24k1j0i67k1j0i8i30k1.QyqNUl0hBGo#imgrc=Ms5ELjoW2niXjM:

Last but not least, as the show has continued for up to 20 years now, the special friendship has been formed between the MCs. And I get the most impression with the friendship between Hejiong and Xiena. They are a very close friend to each other for such a long time. As Hejiong said in one of the show he hosted, he always tries to be a friend who supports Xiena in her ways of growing and glooming. Their friendship has been questioned until 2011 when Xiena announced that she was going to marry her 4- year boyfriend- Jason Zhang. In one of the episode of Happy Camp show, both MCs played a game together to show how much understanding they have towards each other. The answers are once again melt everyone’s heart. One of the questions was what the reason for the first time Hejiong cried in front of Xiena is. And the answer was because she fell and hurt her face. Here is the link of the show but it is completely in Mandarin as there is no English- subtitle version. The example is found in this video (the first 1 and a half minute).

In conclusion, I have analysed my own perspective towards the show ‘Happy Camp’. This blog post is pretty interesting for me as it gives me a chance to deeply think of the reasons why I enjoy the show as well as what my own values, cultures and beliefs are. It is like a first step before I start my group project. Hope that you guys find this enjoyable as much as my interest while writing it.


Dung Ca Xinh 2014, ‘Slow Chinese: 女汉子 (Nǚ hànzi), viewed 15 September 2017, <>

Wikipedia, ‘Du Haitao’, viewed 15 September 2017, <>

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