Skin Lightening and a growing Male Market Demand

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Before any special event, may it be a night out, wedding or trip to the beach, you can bet that I’ll have fake tanned several hours prior. What do I compulsively stock up on when it’s 40% off at Priceline? My fake tan. What was my main concern when on a recent European holiday? The darkness of my skin.

As vain as it may be coming across, I always feel my most confident with a ‘compromised’ sun kissed glow – aka, my fake tan, or when my skin is darker and tanned in general. It has intrinsically become part of my beauty regime before a special event and is an essential to feeling like my look is complete on a special occasion.

This ideal is shaped around the feeling of confidence when my skin is glowing and bronzed. Close to every day my social media feeds are bombarded with tanned, bronzed and glowing…

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