Hello, My Twenties!/ Age of Youth

To pick up where I left off from my last blog post;

  • I decided to pick a South Korean Drama
  • This I due to easy access of this media on Netflix and also an interest in this topic
  • The show chosen was ‘Hello! My Twenties!’
  • I have only watched 3 more episodes…

So back to my Journey on exploring the world of South Korean teen/ Young adult dramas. I have realized that watching a television show in another language and culture is just as difficult as I presumed. Well, it’s not difficult, just a little more challenging. But I am doing this to collect data that I will use for my independent project so I must pursue this!


(Sourced from: https://twitter.com/DanaSaidwhat )

I have to specifically set aside time to watch the show to be fully engage and absorb all the content, which I did today, I set aside three and a half hours to binge the show (all the episodes go for over an hour). This is seen as one of the challenges of autoethnographic research as noted by Ellis, Adams and Bochner (2011), as they researcher has to decide where and when to research and the requirements needed. I am a full-time student and I work four to five days a week, meaning my limited spare time is spent doing University assignments and trying to use my free time as best as I can. Due to this I was limited to watching more of the show than I would have liked. But in saying this, I am enjoying the show. It is both relatable and also kind of funny. It’s a bit dramatic in terms of boy problems, rejection, friendships and university, but really isn’t that the same with every television program?


(Image Sourced from: https://www.tumblr.com/search/age+of+youth )

For the first four episodes I have watched, I would compare this program to shows that I have personally watched being ‘Puberty Blues’, ‘Skins’ and ‘Freaks and Geeks’ but also movies like ‘Clueless’ or ‘Sisterhood of the traveling pants’. But in discussion with my sister about the show it, seems along the lines of ‘Gossip girl’ or ‘Pretty little Liars’ which I have not seen. But with this I had an epiphany that I don’t watch a lot of shows with multiple strong female leads. I think this is excellent in terms of female power over the media.

I was having some trouble understanding the show’s popularity in South Korean and if it was an accurate representation of Korean Dramas. As stated in my previous, blog post I only have exigence’s with the first episode from three different Korean Shows. In my searching, I found a thread on ‘reddit’ Discussing the show and it was mentioned in the comments by a user; ‘That was a surprisingly accurate representation of Korean dramas’. It is stated in these comments that the show gets a bit dark towards the end which is apparently common for South Korean Dramas? I guess this is evident in the shows I had mentioned including ‘skins’ where alcohol and drug abuse and the downturns of everyday life make the seasons normally end on a dark note. For me, searching reddit this was a literature analysis. Being a part of autoethnographic research. I needed other epiphanies and personal experience with the show to compare it to my personal experience (Ellis & Adams & Bochner 2011). It is also described in many articles that I have read stating that there has been a wave of Korean Popular culture (Hallyu) in the Western Market (Bacon 2016). It is seen that romantic comedies are especially popular in the US (옥현주 2017) which would be a show like ‘Hello, My Twenties!”

Through a comment received on my original blog post, they mentioned that I was using the ‘us’ vs ‘them’ debate which was not intentional, I was just getting a contextual comparative understanding of the television show. I Will have to minimize this in future and focus more on cultural comparisons rather than contrast. If I compared too much, this is because this is a completely new experience for me and for my personal cultural background, which I tweeted about to let others know of my experience.


(Sourced from: https://twitter.com/DanaSaidwhat )

I have thrown myself into the World of South Korean dramas, a world I am very unfamiliar with. But really, there is no reason to be unfamiliar, being in your 20’s is a generally universal experience which is clearly outlined by the similarities that have shown through in the first three episodes. The show has an alternative name called ‘Age of Youth’ which I presume is the Korean literal translation of the show and it is what it says, it is a show about living their lives in their youth.


(Image Sourced from: https://www.tumblr.com/search/age+of+youth )

There doesn’t seem to be a strong plotline yet, just a lot of small plotlines in every episode. So ultimately, I am looking forward to watching the rest of the season, to see what happens because strange things have been happening in each episode. At the end of episode two you find out that one of the five girl’s is in fact a prostitute and all the housemates have a common acceptance that there is a ghost in the house. month. So, with this kind of crazy action I can only hope that the rest of the season is like this.


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