Autoethnographic Analysis of K-Pop


I had initially chosen to look at the cultural phenomenon of K-Pop, through the lens of the autoethnographic research methodology. I had chosen K-Pop, because I had very minimal knowledge of it as a whole, but what I did perceive of its reputation was that K-Pop was an extremely glamorized and encouraged insane devotion from its fans.

My first encounter with K-Pop can be found at; < &gt; To summarise, my first proper encounter with the K-Pop music video Monster by EXO, was all that I expected and more, but with a bit of added shock. Unfortunately I am well accustom to the dumbed down money mad western pop, and I would describe K-Pop as western pop music on steroids. I wouldn’t say that K-Pop is dumbed down (mainly because I don’t know what they are saying, aside a few English words here and there), but it is definitely based…

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