1. hehehe I loved this. I have always enjoyed Iron chef, it was one of the few shows on in that time slot that I wanted to watch. I have a vague memory of one episode where they had whale as either main ingredient, or one of the ingredients added (or something similarly controversial) and one of the people on the panel refused to eat it. Worth looking up when you do your research. I am pretty sure the panel member was American. I would also suggest looking up the MANY parodies that have been made of this show, there are so many, like this one https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/22906097/posts/1577141695 from futurama, but even sesame street has done their own version. So much to look into. Actually, I like how you have a little bit of history at the beginning to get people up to speed with what you’re about to watch. Very cool video. I look forward to seeing more.


  2. Liv, I loved your video! I remember watching Ready Steady Cook on TV as a child because it was the only thing that was interesting on daytime television when off school sick! I understand what you mean about the lack of music and how this takes away from how exactly we react to the show. Your Italian background would definitely ensure that you think about food in a certain way 😉 we all do. I’m quite surprised that you enjoyed it, but I definitely can see the comparisons you see between this to westernised shows. I believe that Japan probably uses what they’re saying and pure reactions to what is happening rather than the use of music. But I definitely feel kind of awkward if there’s no music, I’d rather they fill the awkward silence. Very nice video, you’re an A+ vlogger!


  3. Hey Liv! Loved your vid! I can definitely see the same comparisons from Australian and American cooking shows, and the sore thumb of drama in them, to the Japanese Iron Chef. My family loves watching Master Chef Australia, whereas I am not so inclined on the dramatics of the ticking clock or that one person didn’t add salt. Each to their own haha I liked that your vid gave a little background before you dove into the reaction part and I generally liked your commentary reactions, some of them made me giggle 🙂

    After watching your video, I was interested in watching an episode of the Japanese Iron Chef and I thoroughly liked the theatrics! I’m not sure why, but during the beginning of the show before they introduce the iron chefs, it reminded me of a fight battle in an old school 8-bit arcade game. As a gamer, this weirdly got me excited haha I think you may have got me into a new show.


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