Dating TV Shows – If You are the One

Dating shows have become quite popular over the years and Chinas ‘If You are the One’ is no exception. We all love a good love story, but it seems that a lot of those stories of couples finding each other are becoming more frequent when media or technology becomes involved as the instigator.


I personally like to watch shows like ‘First dates’ or even ‘The Bachelor’ when nothing else is on TV. These kinds of shows give me the opportunity to somewhat switch off and just relax and take in all the (drama) scenes that happen. I think that reality TV shows have become a constant in our day to day lives to the point where we are somewhat craving drama and want it to happen and if it doesn’t people start to stop watching.


I first heard of ‘If You are the One’ in a BCM class, where we were talking about how drama is translated across different cultures. The most important concept that we talked about was how translations often rely heavily on the cultures themselves and how they run in order for their audiences to effectively engage in them. I found this quite interesting, especially with this TV show.


Watching this show for the first time was quite a fascinating experience. I found the whole show to be entrancing, it’s something that I’m pretty sure we haven’t done before in Australia. And honestly, I’m not sure that these kinds of shows would last in Australia’s TV culture because we are very heavily into the dramatics.


I started off watching a random season and episode of the show and quickly realised how much power and control the women had over how everything played out. It was quite amazing to watch. It’s something that I haven’t seen to this extent before in our type of reality or even dating TV shows. They had complete control with their blue light switches that they could change to red instantly if they weren’t interested in the eligible bachelor. I think this part was my favourite to see. It’s an aspect that was quite funny to watch as the show progressed, especially if one of the guys said something weird or not right, the women would instantly start a domino effect of red lights.


The translations of drama were fine when watching this show, but I found that the comedy side was confusing and at times and left me trying to figure out what someone said that made everybody laugh. There is an obvious difference for me in some of the comedy that was used in the show which made it difficult for me as an audience member watching to keep up with the differing aspects of the show. There was a growing disconnect between me and the show because of the difference in culture and understanding. I think that TV shows like this really highlight the differences in comedy and drama that audiences experience from both cultural parties. Most of the time however I was giggling and laughing because of how funny or weird the candidates were or even at what the women were saying about the candidates.


As the show progressed the short videos about the candidates were quite funny to watch and I think they made the show quite kooky and different to other shows. I found that a lot of the videos would be centered around the candidate and there would be weird facts about them which would create a somewhat personal connection with the ladies within minutes. I think this showed how brutally honest these candidates had to be in this show and I have to question whether this kind of weird honesty and somewhat fact blurting is something that we have in our own TV culture. It’s like the candidates add weird personal facts about themselves in hopes of somewhat gaining the attention of the women behind the podiums.


It’s quite comical to see how the show is set up like a game show, and I think that this kind of theme is definitely more prominent towards the very start and the end. The start of the show reminds me of ‘Deal or No Deal’ in a way, it may be a weird comparison but that’s the first thing that popped into my head when watching. And even when the last few women walk down the runway to stand in the light for the final stage it felt so much like a game show that would be chattering behind you as you sat with your family eating at the dinner table.


The show ‘If you are the one’ is quite different to the ones that I would usually watch and brings a breath of fresh air to my viewing experience. I love the differences that this show holds and I think that it’s a fun way to change the way that shows are presented to audiences and even how they engage with it.



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