Diving deep into: Asian Rap Music

Coffeehouse conversations.

Hip-Hop/rap has long since become a subculture in music which attracts certain personalities – there’s those who want to prove something to those who doubted them, those who have a young family to support, those who seek to break the cycle of poverty and then there’s those who want to be a part of that lifestyle. By that lifestyle I mean excess; designer threads, diamond chains, European cars and American money showers.

As a suburban kid growing up in a conservative household in Sydney in the early 2000’s, the only exposure I got to anything resembling edgy hip-hop music was censored Eminem or Nelly tracks. These would come on compilation CD’s of the season’s greatest Pop music called ‘So Fresh’, as a white boy from the ‘burbs this was my first taste of rap and an influential part of my listening identity.

As the proliferation of music file sharing broke…

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