I Ching (我清) for iPhone*

iching This might say “I Ching” in Chinese characters (source). I am already lost in translation!


I’ve been searching for meaning for as long as I can remember. Past ventures include experimenting with tarot cards, astrology, palm reading, numerology and visiting a psychic. Given this, it makes perfect sense to me to explore a topic I am familiar with, but in a different culture. For this assessment I will be focusing on I Ching, a Chinese divination practice that dates back thousands of years.

About I Ching

Divination was once seen as an attempt to communicate with spirits and the unseen facets of the universe. Modern psychology argues that divination works through accessing the unconscious mind’s wisdom (ibid). I Ching (我清) is a form of divination which dates back thousands of years. It was created in text form around 1000BC, but was developed and practiced…

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