Filipino Street Style and my first impressions

Monique Lombardo

Let’s rewind a bit…

Earlier this year, I travelled to the Philippines to visit my family. Before you ask, no, I’m not Filipino, but half of my family did move there from Australia 15 years ago.

One of the best things to do in Manilla is to shop, but I don’t shop at any Mall or SM Mall of Asia, I shop at the black market.

We drove 30 minutes out of the city in traffic like you’ve never seen before. Three lanes were magically turned into six lanes. Jimneys pushed their way into the traffic with riders casually hanging off the back of the ‘bus’ with one hand. Motorbikes filled the microscopic spaces between the cars making it harder for anyone to move anywhere.

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  1. Hey Monique! I find your topic to be quite unique and interesting, as although I have spent parts of my life growing up in the Philippines, I have never really considered street fashion in this way! I also never really considered it in terms of the frames of Filipino people.

    If you’re interested in finding some more street-style icons, check out @aryannaepperson, @jessconnelly, @thegelabeef and @pressmanissa on Instagram; they are pretty funky. I think some of them really capture the underground Manila vibe that not many people appreciate.

    Or for more high-end fashion, the Filipina ‘It Girls”, @jesswilson, @martine, and @ilovegeorgina are great for a quick perusal!

    ((Also, without sounding like a wanker, the bus-like vans are actually called jeepneys)).

    Love the post, and will eagerly await more filo fashion inspo!

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