Chinese TV show and how I think about it

As growing up in Vietnam, a country was dominated by China about 1000 years, I have a very special interest towards China. I am currently studying Mandarin as my minor at UOW. The reason for me to choose to learn Mandarin as I have been watching tons of Chinese dramas, movies and TV shows for like more than 15 years. So, in this blog post, I am going to talk about my perspective towards my favorite Chinese TV show: Happy camp (快乐大本营).

Happy camp belongs to Hunan broadcasting system. It started in 1997 and has lasted for 20 years. The show is one of Chinese most successful TV show. I started watching Happy camp in 2013. It came to me accidentally while I was watching all the shows that my idols took part in. I fell in love with the show as the humour of the MCs helped me laugh and relax after a long day.

The first thing I realise about it is the MC. Unlike other TV show that I have seen before, Happy Camp has up to 5 MCs working all together in every episode.

Photo for blog 5

Secondly, they always invited guests coming to join the episode, playing games and the most important factor is to promote the new movies/ dramas of Hunan broadcasting system coming up next week/ month.

The third exciting part that I found out about the show is that they have strongly promoted their own culture through the show. It is the clearest through the human- word game. As technologies have become more and more important in our daily life, a lot of Chinese people start forgetting about how to write characters and the game is formed based on this aim. One person from the team will be standing in a very high position and the rest of the team will try to use their body to form the character for the standing person to guess. It is the competition between 2 teams to find out which team gets more correct answer.

Additionally, I find out one of the Chinese value: consider female as the weak side. While playing games with female guests, they always try to be gentle and use less strength in physical games towards female guests. And about the female guests, she normally wears dresses or clothes that shows the best of her shape (if she has one). But from my own perspective, it is a good thing and also a bad thing. It is good as it is always nice to be gentle towards female/ women. But it is not so good because sometimes it can lean towards discrimination/ inequality as I can assume that you will not be able to do it as a girl.

One more thing I find very interesting about Chinese TV show is there is always a person tending to be the weakest of all the hosts, the one to get ‘suffer’ from losing in almost every game. As well as other TV show, Haidao, the young male MC in this show is considered to be unlucky and the black hole for playing games. When I started watching this show, as a simple person, I think that “wow! This guy is so normal! How can he even be the MC of the show?”. But from time to time, with more experience in watching different Chinese shows/ Asian shows, I realise that it is a stereotype that most Chinese/ Asian reality shows will have. This person is sometimes the key to help everyone burst into laugh. And then as I did some research about the guy, he is actually a pretty successful man in real life. It has changed my whole opinion towards the ‘clumsy character’ that I bear in mind at first.

Last but not least, I think one of the main factors for the show to last that long is its flexibility. The show is always catching up with new and famous trends among the Chinese population. For example, they had the voice acting game which ranked top search in weibo (a Chinese platform, same function as Facebook but Mandarin is dominant language). Here is a 1 minute cut video of the game. The 2 Mcs was putting the voice for the movie. It is a Vietsub as I couldn’t find an Engsub.

In conclusion, these factors/ features are the most impressive one that I get while watching this Chinese TV show. I will analyse my own perspective regarding to culture differences and similarities about the show in my future post.

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