Rewatching A Film I Has Seen

Akira is a 1988 animated futuristic science fiction film. It is also regarded as one of the best animated movies of all time, and one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. It influenced countless other works. For these reasons, I had seen the movie back in 2014, when I kinda begun setting about to become more literate in film.

It holds up, and I can’t really ever imagining this film never holding up. It was awe inspiring the first time I saw it, and just as awesome the second time around. The use of colours in this film is unlike most others. Done with purpose, with meaning, so that audience knows exactly how to feel. And the animation was smooth, even with it being entirely hand-drawn.

My personal experience watching the second allowed me to really kinda see the detail the film used, and the depth of the animation. I felt, unlike usual, I was not bored and was still drawn to the story, the characters and the film overall. The violence was still visceral and actioney, not boring and expected. I admittedly had a dubbed version, but the setting of  Neo-Tokyo is not jarring and the film could very easily be set anywhere, which I think is an aspect that has helped the film age so well. Despite being an Asian film, it very easily fits as a World Film, with appeal globally.

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  1. It is fascinating hearing you talk about your experience watching this film for the second time. I am unfamiliar with Anime, so this film for me was quite the eye-opener. When you said “despite this being an Asian film”, do you think these type of anime films get stereotyped and seen as a cult? I’d like to hear more about your experiences with anime films in the past because you clearly have a passion for this film. Have you seen many films like this before? For example when you were growing up? Do you think that this film helps give insight into japanese culture? I thought it gave more insight into the idea of “technology is taking over the world” rather than actually demonstrating asian culture. I felt the film, despite it being Japanese, was quite americanised in a sense. So it was interested to see the american influence on an anime movie, what do you think?

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