Corpse Party Lets play-part 3

The Pink Protagonist

So, this blog will be a tad different due mainly to the fact that I have not yet made my ‘let’s play’ video. That will be coming sometime over the weekend I hope. 

(Warning: This blog will contain spoilers for the game and anime series. Do not continue to read if you don’t want the main plot ruined. It also contains images that might be considered disturbing to some people.) 

Part of the reason I wanted to play this particular game as part of my own personal autoethnography research project, was that my experiences of Japanese culture, through their anime, manga and horror films, has been pretty passive. I sit and I watch. I do not engage much past that. The decision to play a popular game, especially one of the horror genre, was about actively participating in the content, which I have since discovered, is heavily based…

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