Corpse Party, let’s play-2

The Pink Protagonist

So I’ve played a little bit more of the game. Not much. Honestly felt like I played for a few seconds and then ended up with a 20 minute video. Considering playing for far longer in my next. We will see.

However, I have taken a few little things away from that short time playing, and that is that even if it’s cute little pixel art characters I am a complete wuss when it comes to horror games! The few times things started to happen, as the music amped up. But heart was in my throats and I was freaking out. It certainly didn’t help that I’m aware of what might happen (should my game play end up following the story line of the anime series).

Another thing I’ve realised was when editing the video. I really must invest in a good microphone. Unfortunately, as you’ll notice, my audio isn’t…

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