Autoethnography: Let’s get personal!


Autoethnography is a form of research that requires the author to immerse themselves in the subject matter and to “analyze their own personal experience in order to understand cultural experience”. (Ellis et el, 2011)

Autoethnograhic research methodology strays far from the traditional research methods which are quite basic and impersonal. This methodology combines sectors of ethnography and autobiography; ethnography being “the study and systematic recording of human cultures” and autobiography being an account of a person’s own experience. This allows the researcher to engage with its subject on a far more personal level and are able to write from their own personal experiences with ethical consideration to the subject matter and those involved with the study. The thought of immersing one’s self into a foreign culture seems quite daunting to me as it can be very personal and the way you interpret what’s going on can potentially be…

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