Testing my patience

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My slight knowledge of Japanese culture strings back to year eight and my Japanese elective (and of course my undeniable love for karaage). The only thing I’ve ever really taken and remembered from these old classes is ‘denwa bango wa’ – which when translated into English roughly means ‘what is your number?’. Clearly I paid attention to the essentials in class.

Despite my minimal memory of Japanese language and its three present alphabets, I am still eager to grasp the culture and emerge it amongst my own. The last Japanese film I have watched was Spirited Away which I found to be quite touching. Anddddd that’s as vast as my experience of watching Japanese films expands. Gorija really was something else.

I am going to be straight up here: usually I do not have much patience for extremely old films. I’ve become too equipped with today’s modern films, expertly crafted editing and high…

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