The Good, The Bad and The Godzilla

Upon my arrival to digc330, I expected to see anime posters lining the walls, cosplayers sitting all around me and (hopefully) other like-minded otaku‘s and Japanophiles who enjoyed everything Japanese. Oh boy was I wrong. Reflexivity in the context of research practices would be the main focus of this week, in relation to a film […]

via The Good, The Bad and The Godzilla — krisesandchrosses


  1. Good post, I really like the depth you went into on what you expected from the subject before it started and how quickly that changed once you had arrived in it.
    I also liked how you chose a specific way to evaluate the movie in relation to yourself as it was a new type of film for you to watch.
    Although I have to disagree with you as I really like the special effects as they were mostly models and really well built hah but I also found the live tweeting distracting and enjoyable and like you.
    Good final reflection at the end of your post making it quite enjoyable for me to read so cheers.

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