My experience with Gojira (1954)


When it comes to experiencing different cultures, I have a slight advantage. While I was born in Australia and my parents have spent most of their lives here, I was still raised with both Australian and Arabic cultural practices. I was always taught about the importance of family, including all from your grandparents to your extended family.

When we watched the 1954 classic Godzilla (Gojira), one of the first things that shocked me culturally was the way female characters were treated and behaved. Growing up in a 21st Century secular Australia, I am not used to seeing women bow before men and fetch them whatever they want. In the film, it seems commonplace. Nobody questions or objects to this behaviour, which leads me to believe that it is simply a cultural practice which I have never experienced. Although it is a movie about a giant radioactive lizard monster.

The movie…

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