DIGC330 Week 1: My own perspective about Japanese movie “Godzilla”

Hello everyone. My name is Rose. I am from Vietnam. I am currently doing Bachelor of International Studies, major in International Relations. I choose DIGC330 as part of my minor (Communication and Media). When I looked at the subject outline and found out that I was going to have a three-hour lecture, I was pretty worried as I might not catch up as fast as other students. But today, the lecture was really interesting and very different from other subjects. We watched the black and white Japanese movie ‘Godzilla’. As I do not watch Japanese movie, there are a few points I found very interesting.

My first impression about the movie is that it is unreal. As I do not believe in Godzilla, I found it a little bit fictional. I did a small research on the internet and there are thousands of answers. But most of them seems to believe that it is unreal. However, one interesting point at the end of the movie is when the professor said there might be another Godzilla in the future as there would be more nuclear weapons and testing. I found out that Godzilla is believed to be a figure for nuclear weapons.

The second thing is that everyone seems to be very open-minded. As I watch a lot of Asian movies, there are always bad and good guys in the same movie. But interestingly in this movie, everyone seems to be open to other people’ suggestions and ideas, from the youngest to the oldest.

Thirdly, I think there is one Japanese value I found from the movie. It is “the praying”. After the villagers believe there are some kinds of monsters attacking the ships, they do the “praying ceremony” in order to drive away evil spirits.

Additionally, I found that the way the professor’s daughter cries is so weird. For me, it is not showing any sadness or apologise but simply offense.

In conclusion, it is a quite good experience to watch and perceive the movie in my own way as I can also learn about other people’ opinions/ perspectives of the movie. And this blog is just my own perspective so I hope I do not offense anyone. I hope that we can always have exciting assessments like this blog post in the future.


  1. Welcome to the subject! Thanks for sharing your personal perspective on the movie, I found your reading that there are no ‘bad guys’ in this movie to be really interesting. I read the nuclear threat as being the ‘bad guy’ and it’s often discussed but never seen directly.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. But from my own perspective, it becomes nuclear threat as the purposes of the people who use it or because of the fear from the no-nuclear-countries towards nuclear-weapon-countries.


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