AHHHHH… Godzilla has entered the car.

I hope you all got that MyChonny reference in the title there, and if not.. GET CULTURED.


So I wont lie when I admit that I basically laughed at Chris’ face when he said we were going to be watching Godzilla, or “Gojira”, the quite aged Japanese version. Not only had I not seen this movie, I hadn’t seen any Godzilla movie (which by the way, Chris reckons there are AT LEAST 30, which is bollocks!). So I was heading into this experience with the naive idea that Godzilla was just a huge lizard that ate people and stepped on towers with absolutely no decent backstory or worthwhile metaphorical meaning.

At first, I was torn between whether I was heavily impressed by the complete over dramatic and somewhat unnecessary acting or if I was just that bored my mind was making me believe crazy-people things! But I kept watching, and actually found myself quite shocked as to how this movie unfolded.

The main turn of events that made me re-think my prior naive opinion on Godzilla was the fact that Godzilla hardly appeared. I mean, yes he was mentioned and what-not, but he was not the center of attention. A lot of the movie seemed to be based more around the people, culture and stories as well as their reaction and handling of the situation. It was much more about the people than it was about Godzilla.

I started to realise that throughout this film, it didnt feel as though it was man vs beast. It sort of felt like it was man vs man. Which doesn’t make much sense? But it does..

You could tell throughout the movie that they obviously suspected and deep down knew that this monster had spawned due to their own nuclear testing due to the wars and such. The men never really seemed as though they were angry at Godzilla, I always got the feel that they were simply scared of what they had done.There was never a “battle” sort of feel, or a win or lose vibe. It was more “lets fix this insane mistake we caused and probably not do that again”.

What really got me thinking was the line at the end of the movie where a man states that if they keep doing the nuclear testing in which they were, that this incident could happen again. And right there and then I realised this story had so much more to it than most people would ever think.

I think its extremely interesting to see how pure and meaningful the original was, and how much that has changed to the more recent adaptions of the film. Although I havent watched them and cant give an educated opinion on them, I can definitely speak for multiple people when I say that Godzilla is more often then not, represented as a crazy lizard beast who likes to go bang and stomp things instead of representing the true meaning behind him. Which ultimately, was a warning and eye opening call to Japan in a time of need and desperate measures.

Now, I unwillingly know more about Godzilla. And I will forever claim my new knowledge as my own. Thank you for that Digital Asia.


  • Jessicca Naous

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