K-Pop Dances : For Beginners?

Hello everyone again!

First of all, here is my first review, or not review, of a K-Pop song
Twice – TT  (Apologise for my English)

I was actually surprised and stunned by this music video, not only the dances, also the setup and characters they are doing. Anyway, let’s put the focus back to the dancing.

In this video, which is obviously related to the title “TT”. I have no idea of what they are singing, all I understood when I listened is “I’m like TT, just like TT”. They are doing they gesture of “T” with both hands on their face, and sing “I’m like TT, just like TT”. It gives me a sense of emoji, the crying face emoji.

Is that how they promote the song?  Easier to memorise the dance, by using easy gestures?
In my previous post, quoted “In the industry of K-Pop, it is a highly visual phenomenon. The biggest appeal in these K-Pop videos in terms of visually comes from the dance choreographies of K-Pop groups.” In the music video of “TT”, the choreographies only appears in the chorus. My assumption and research about “new groups doing sharp knife” dances, seems to be a little bit different. Yes, they are new groups. Twice is a girls group from JYP entertainment with 9 girls. They debut in 2015 and brought a huge heat the K-Pop music industry because of the reality show. The members were selected, or won the reality show “Sixteen” and then became a group member. Their dancing style is not “sharp knife” from what I have watched. It was more like a cute, synchronising choreographies. It is also easy to remember the dance move. While I was watching, I could do the “TT” move, which was really easy to remember.
I found a special thing in the music video. Somehow they would show part of the dance but not all of them. Is it because the dance is hard? I checked the live version of the song which has the whole choreographies.
And yes, it is so much harder than the chorus. It also refers to the significant move from the song. From the previous post, I talked about “Gangnam style” with its significant riding house move, which in case can also apply to this song, with its significant move “TT” on the face. The song also makes more sense to me when they do the TT, or else I don’t understand what TT really means. The choreographies are not only showing how synchronise they are, it also fits the song to make sense. In the song, they include English with Korean. It helps me a lot to know what is going on. K-pop music becomes more internationally, to let more non-Korean fans to involve into the song.

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