Tekken Esports – Daniel Lazarus And Jason Gooding

What is Tekken? Tekken is a fighting game series that was originally released in 1994. The premise of the games is that A King of Iron Fist Tournament is hosted by Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation. The prize being control of the company which allows them to hold the next tournament. The game focuses on a Mishima Clan Curse which begins when Heihachi Mishima throws his son Kazuya Mishima from a cliff, which he survives because of the “Devil Gene”. Kazuya then swore his revenge to his father through the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

There are A lot of other background stories that connect each of the fighters with each other and can be unlocked through the completion of the arcade mode with each character.

Esports or Electronic Sports is a form of competition through electronic systems such as video games. Most common forms of eSports are multiplayer video game competitions which are most commonly, real-time strategy, first person shooter, fighting games and multiplayer online battle arenas.  Although the Fighting game community often displaces themselves away from eSports lables they still fall under that lable.

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