The culture of Japanese cooking and culinary through the ‘Cooking with Dog’ Series

Group Assignment by Natalie Austin, Chris Boyd & Renee Schwarze




Cooking with dog was born in 2010 after its producer returned from LA where he spent years working in the film and TV industry. He wanted to continue working in this field and found that he loved using English to promote Japanese culture.

Japanese cooking shoes or washoku are traditionally presented by men. The univocal types of men showcased in traditional Japanese cooking shows embody three elements – authority, power and possession.

Traditionally, If women want to compete, they need to embody these too.

However, cooking with dog’s host, simply known as Chef, is a timid, sometimes awkward, non-vocal host. This is where Dog comes into the show. He is a poodle named Francis who provides confidence to Chef as well as narrating the show in English.

His voice is actually a Japanese man, speaking English doing a French accent; which, as you can imagine is quite hard to understand…

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