This is just a tribute.

Late reblog… inaugural post for my DIGC Blog.

Notions of Mine

(Try to imagine this inaugural blog post with the tune of a gentle guitar campfire ditty in the background.)

This is a short tale about the introduction of this semester’s shower-thoughts… in blog-form.

I am notoriously terrible at writing blog posts;  well perhaps not so much notoriously (yet), but I do have trouble striking a balance of objectivity and subjectivity. Some of the blog posts to follow may be good, some may be terrible and lacking any kind of substance. Some may be ramblings of incoherent thoughts I may have had throughout the day clumsily lumped together as the words leave my fingertips.


This may yet work out in my favour, at least for this semester. For this shall be a journey of autoethnography; which as I understand it, makes it a good thing that if nothing else, my ramblings will be subjective. The perspective my own. Not having to…

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